About Our Logo

The Virginia Avenue Dog Park (VADP), the largest, free, public dog park in the District of Columbia, has a new logo! 

In the Summer of 2021, we held a contest in the community to design our new logo to celebrate our amazing, dog-loving community and it's history in Capitol Hill and Navy Yard, and the winner was 👉 

You can now buy VADP-branded swag with the fancy new logo here!

Thank you to our talented logo designer, dog-lover, & neighbor, James Earle!

James is a marketing and communications specialist located in DC's Ward 8, where he enjoys taking long walks with his hound dog Cooper and organizing with his neighbors to strengthen their community. In his spare time he loves cooking delicious food, planning adventures for Dungeons & Dragons, and lounging around the house with his incredible wife Jaclyn. James is currently job hunting, and you can help him find work by sharing his résumé at jamesearle.net/cv

Contact & Connect with James: @JustJamesEarle 

The new VADP logo!

Artist's Statement On the Design:

"Is that a happy doggo looking up at you with love in its eyes, or is it the Virginia Avenue Dog Park's new logo? Trick question; it's both! An anchor is cleverly incorporated into the dog's smile to acknowledge the Navy Yard neighborhood's long naval and military history, and the iconic Washington Monument visible up the road forms the bridge of its nose (and the shank of the anchor). Our pup has also left a footprint in the logo's text. But most importantly--and just like the park itself--the new VADP logo will leave a smile on everyone's faces for years to come."

A donated Scottie dog statue was added to the Virginia Ave Park near the dog park's West entrance in May 2023.

About the VADP & Logo Inspiration

To inspire designers for the contest, we gave the following prompts and suggestions in crafting their visual icon for the park:

The iconic Washington Monument is visible from the dog park to the West.

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